Sales Coaching

Optimé’s Sales Coaching programs develop the coaching skills of both new and experienced managers to enable them to better drive sustainable impact and performance amongst their direct reports. Being a high impact coach is is a critical skill for the manager of today and and the future. 

Optimé’s Championship Selling™ – Sales Coaching 

Optimé’s approach to developing Sales Coaching skill has been recognized as leading edge both in its approach and its focus on embedding critical selling skills, processes and tools within our client’s organizations. Our customized approach to designing client programs ensures the outcome connects with your business needs and fits your culture. Managers will learn and apply practical processes and tools which will change the way they have conversations with employees, develop a deeper sense of individual and shared accountability in results and help inform the path forward for employees to grow and flourish.   

  • Genuine two-way productive dialogue, which establishes clarity of next steps and expectations
  • Understand when to coach and when to direct/mentor/manage/etc…
  • Link performance outcomes and sales capability development
  • Create and maintain a common sales and coaching language

Sales Coaching Client Case Study