Enterprise-wide Sales Development

Enterprise-wide sales development is the third and highest level of training in Optimé's Championship Selling framework. 

Program Deliverables

To develop the approach that fits your needs best, Optimé’s sales effectiveness experts will work directly with you to tailor the training program to deliver maximum impact. The core principle of developing your Enterprise-wide Sales Development training is to view sales training as a program rather than an event. To create your program we will work with you to define how to the following components are best applied to achieve your goals:

  • Multiple scheduled facilitator led training sessions
  • Capability assessments
  • On-line learning resources
  • Group Coaching
  • One:One Coaching
  • Facilitator training
  • Selling strategy consulting

The Optimé Performance Pyramid™

Optimé Championship Selling: Enterprise-wide Sales Development Training Ojectives

Consistently execute Customer General Management skills and processes to create competitive advantage, sustained mutual profitable growth and achieve industry leadership.

  • Customer business development planning and execution best practices
  • Assessing and developing Customer General Management behaviors
  • Orchestrating customer and company cross-functional solutions
  • Advanced blueprinting for customer growth

Sales Managers:

  • Championship Coaching III ~ facilitating and enabling Customer General Management excellence

Enterprise-wide Sales Development Case Studies