Championship Selling 

Developed and refined over a 21-year period while working with leading Fortune 500 corporate clients and tens of thousands of sales managers and practitioners, Championship Selling is Optimé's highly adaptable sales development training system.  With new clients, we customize the Championship Selling system to meet the unique skill development requirements of their sales teams and the business deliverable goals of their organization.

The Championship Sales Development System

The Championship Selling system includes four phases of sales leadership development, which focus on the four factors that our research and experience have proven time-and-time again are most important to helping salespeople achieve optimal performance.  We have three levels of training that we deliver the Championship Selling system at.  Each level of Championship Selling sales training progressively raises the participant's capabilities in each of key sales performance areas: Perspective, Playing Catch, Preparation, and Process and Presenting.

Four Phases of Sales Skill Development

  1. Fundamentally Skilled 
  2. Continuously Growing
  3. Advance Position
  4. Coaching and Leading Others

Proven Sales Performance Factors

Consistently execute essential selling skills and processes to drive profitable growth with customers.

  • Sales call excellence ~ planning and execution
  • Communicating with impact to understand customer needs
  • Effectively handling objections Sales Managers
  • High impact presentations and process

Sales Managers:

  • Championship Coaching I ~ facilitating and enabling Fundamentals of Championship Selling

Consistently execute Strategic Customer Management skills and processes to create competitive advantage and rive sustained, profitable growth with customers.

  • Customer business development planning and execution best practices
  • Blueprinting for customer growth
  • Orchestrating company resources
  • Executing at all levels of the customer organization

Sales Managers:

  • Championship Coaching II ~ facilitating and enabling Strategic Customer Management excellence

Consistently execute Customer General Management skills and processes to create competitive advantage, sustained mutual profitable growth and achieve industry leadership.

  • Customer General Management planning and execution best practices
  • Assessing and developing Customer General Management behaviors
  • Orchestrating customer and company cross-functional solutions
  • Advanced blueprinting for customer growth

Sales Managers:

  • Championship Coaching III ~ facilitating and enabling Customer General Management excellence