GameDay™ is a customized business simulation that Optimé collaboratively builds with your organization based on your business, your customers, your challenges, and your objectives. We take your real data and inject it into our GameDay™ engine to create a training session that is truly about you!  Using the power of competition to engage your sales team, GameDay™ brings learning to life. All participants become deeply immersed in a real-life selling and customer call environment. During GameDay™ each participant receives real-time feedback on strengths and performance gaps as well as targeted skill building – to take their sales skillset to the next level – and that is where winning will happen!

GameDay™ Benefits

This action-packed, half-day learning experience will challenge everyone in your sales organization, regardless of level or experience, to get in the game.  Participants will develop new skills, sharpen existing ones and connect their learning to fantastic execution right away.  When you invest in GameDay™ you get:

  • Development in your team’s most critical selling skills
  • Confidence and readiness to “go live” with customers
  • Full employee engagement, motivation and productivity
  • Real-time assessment of skills and ability to execute against business priorities
  • Sales managers and leaders practicing coaching
  • Quantitative data to identify development areas

Be sure to watch this short video to experience the impact of this game-changing sales capability development program.

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GameDay™ by Optimé

If a fully customized GameDay™ looks like a good fit for your team we’d love to speak with you to see how we can help make it come to life for your team! 

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