TOM J. Blake

- Co-founder - 

Tom is a co-founder of Optimé International and is one of North America 's most dynamic sales and customer development executives. He has an excellent track record of applied senior sales experience with a leading global corporation, including membership on the company's Management Committee in Canada. Key accomplishments included highest people development results over four years, the successful integration of the sales and merchandising programs of 3 companies, Team Leader for the development and implementation of Customer Business Teams, and the development of a National Part-Time Sales Organization which is recognized as "World Class" and has been implemented in 15 countries. 

Tom speaks at numerous conferences on the topic of performance improvement with the National Speaker's Bureau rating him in the top three Canadian speakers. He has played a leadership role in the transformation of numerous Canadian and American companies. Tom holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B Comm SPAD) from Laurentian University.  Tom is responsible for the overall management of Optimé's international business.