- Senior Consultant -

Michel is a recognized Sales & Marketing visionary in consumer packaged goods. Throughout a 30-year career he has led the creation of innovative approaches to driving exceptional results in Quebec. His leadership of Procter & Gamble’s Quebec Sales organization resulted in consistently exceptional results. Michel has been able to utilize his deep understanding of the marketplace and leverage the multiple tools available in Sales, Public Relations, Consumer Promotions and Media Relations to achieve success.

As the leader of Sales, Marketing and Public Relations in Quebec for P&G, Michel has led the development and implementation of local/regional initiatives and programs built on customer and consumer insight. Many of the initiatives began in the Quebec marketplace and have now migrated to the national stage as well, reflecting the quality of the insight and implementation. Examples of these local/regional initiatives are the high value, integrated partnerships developed with Star Académie and Destination Tendance. Additionally his Quebec team led the internal consultation which resulted in the repositioning of the P&G beauty platform in Quebec.

Michel has a vast experience in developing both capability and effectiveness within organizations he has led as well as in organizations with which he has consulted over the last 3-years as a Senior Consultant with Optimé. He is an experienced facilitator, coach and mentor and in addition to his corporate work has been an instructor and facilitator at Université Québec Rouyn, Banque Fédérale de Développement and at Procter & Gamble.

Michel has a Bachelor of Business Management from l’Université du Quebec à Montréal.