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Optimé is a proven partner in developing sales capability and effectiveness to win with your customers.

Client Success

  We have worked with companies across several industries, including: packaged goods, telecom and technology, financial services and insurance, hospitality, entertainment and many others. Our consistent ability to help our customers succeed has made Optimé a world class sales training and personal development leader.  

Sales Training Resources

For 21 years, Optimé has worked with best known corporations in the United States and Canada to design and deliver sales training programs tailored to the unique needs of each group.  We have developed several resources to help sales leaders and training managers to assess their sales teams, maximize the benefit of their training investment and select a service provider that is the best fit for their requirements.

Getting Started

Top 10 indicators your team needs sales training now.

Choosing the Right Partner

10 Absolute Do's and Don'ts for succeeding with an external training partner company.

Making Sales Training 'Stick'

Five Must-Do's to ensure sales training sticks.

Assessing Your Team

How well do you really know your sales team members?

Sales Training Planning

How to get your team excited about sales training.

Planning Your Next Sales Conference

A sales conference training planner's guide

How We Deliver

We have a proven comprehensive four-step methodology for helping companies improve sales results.


Optimé follows a proprietary review process which enables our team and the clients leaders to fully understand the current situation, needs, opportunities and constraints...


Optimé  utilizes a proven model that leverages our understanding of our client’s situation from the diagnostic and engages our clients and other key stakeholders in the development of the design..


Our aim is to maximize the impact of our clients’ investment by taking a holistic view of delivery.  Our deep experience enables us to consider all of the elements which contribute to an outstanding experience...


Optimé works closely with clients to determine how to measure success by establishing mutually agreed upon key performance indicators.  KPI’s are directly linked to business objectives to maximize impact...

Featured Optimé SOLUTIONs:

Sales Training Gamification

  Gamification is the big sales training trend for 2016.  Properly implemented, gamifying your sales training will improve your results.  In conjunction with Laurentian University, and several of our corporate clients, Optimé has developed a unique framework for successfully gamifying corporate sales training, called: GameDayTM.


What is "Sales Training Gamification"?


Why "gamifying" will help your team get the most out of your sales training efforts.


How Optimé can help with our customizable GameDayTM simulation.

Too Much Sales Training?

Do you have an experienced sales team? 
Has your team had plenty of sales training?  Are you getting the results you need?

Perhaps the solution isn't learning something new, rather how to more effectively use the expertise the team already has to better engage with your prospects and customers to significantly grow your revenue.  


Optimé's PLAYING CATCHTM solution is for sales people who need a little help to get the most out of what they already know...


Many training program focus on acquiring new knowledge, but success is sales is not about what you know: it is about what you can find out...


Over 100,000 sales people have taken customized version of our PLAYING CATCHTM program. We continue to receive our highest participant feedback ratings for this course.  


 We engage with thousands of sales people, sales managers and corporate trainers every year.  In the process of helping these professionals and the companies they work for achieve their potential, we gain insight and perspective that we share with clients and Optimé Insights subscribers.

Is Their Experience 
Holding Them Back?

A participant in one of our workshops shared: 

I have a lot of experience and have had success in the past, but these past 6 months have been a challenge. 

I’m working hard, and trying to emulate some of the other successful salespeople in this company, but my results just aren’t where they need to be. I’m not sure what the problem is... "

8 months later, we received a phone call from the same person: 
“I just want to say thanks."


 Sales vs Customer Service:
What is the Difference?

During a recent sales training workshop one of the attendees, said to me: 

“I’m enjoying the workshop so far but I can’t help thinking I’m probably not supposed to be here. I’m not in sales and really don’t impact selling for our company”.

Do other departments in your company feel they they are not part of the "sales team"?  Let's talk about why anyone in your company that engages - in any way with a customer - is part of your sales team!   


our team

Everyone on the Optimé team is a sales and personal development leader with a track record of helping companies improve sales performance and business results. 

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