Yellow Pages Group

From the beginning of our business relationship, you demonstrated a strong sense of professionalism by insisting to validate your mandate through your own diagnostic assessment before designing and delivering our customized training. Now I realize that you were practicing what you preach! Optimé uncovered many strategic and practical insights that have greatly contributed to a successful performance development program for our managers.

Optimé designed a three phase program as the foundation to transforming the culture and developing the skills and competencies of managers to a new standard of performance. The average overall participant rating for each of the training workshops has been 4.7 out of 5.0. Having attended all workshops, I can certainly attest to the fact that Optimé creates a vibrant, positive and high-energy learning environment that has engaged managers in the learning process. 

Through a combination of course exams, leadership/coaching self-assessments, pre-work, participant evaluations and skills demonstration assessments, our managers and the company have been provided with ongoing feedback to maximize individual learning and development. Our Sales Management needed to evolve from the "super sales rep syndrome" to real leaders and coaches. I can assure you that, according to the feedback from both regions, you provided them with the proper ammunition to face the challenges of a recently sold company that is now facing competition.

Looking for a sales training partner who commits to thoroughly understanding your business BEFORE they start telling you what they can do for you and your team?
Optimé can help...