Warner Lambert

I am sure that you receive many responses to the success of your programs; however, I felt compelled to send this letter to you.

I presented our new Benylin products to my account the other day and it was a success. I had incorporated all of the key learning tools we were taught in the session and honestly, I could not have asked for a better meeting. I successfully listed all 4 new products and attained agreement on all promotions and displayers I presented.

As pre-work to my presentation, I left our session on Friday and gave my account a call. We spent over an hour and a half pitching and catching about the upcoming meeting. I had gained enough insight through this call that I completely reworked my presentation into what he said he was looking for.

I won’t go into details but when our meeting wrapped up and he said ‘You have put together a great presentation that shows that Warner Lambert is not only bringing innovative new products into the market…it seems as though you have changed your mindset. Is your company more focused on the consumer or is that just you? If it is your company I am glad, but surprised.’

To me, this proved that we needed to make a change and it looks as though I have the first steps. I have been able to build some credibility with my account and will look forward to our future meetings to take this to the next level.

Again, it was a fantastic session. I look forward to gaining more insight from you and your team in the future.

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