Client Profile

Vincor, now part of Constellation Brands, was a S&P 500 Index and Fortune 1000 world leading wine company, with a broad portfolio of widely admired premium products across the wine, beer and spirits categories.

The Opportunity

Under new senior leadership, Vincor identified opportunity to develop a new Sales Organization, build capability and effectiveness in selling premium wines, and drive sustained top and bottom line growth.

Optimé Approach

  • Diagnostic of current sales capability and effectiveness
  • Design and delivery of customized, multi-year sales training & development program

Optimé Solution

A customized Account Manager Development training program.

Training Results

  • Strong participant engagement and alignment (85+% Top 2 Box Scores)

Business Impact

  • Improved territory productivity
  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Sales team firmly rooted in customer-centric culture
  • Vincor acquired by world’s leading premium wine company at significant premium
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Vincor Testimonial

 As we head into the home stretch of our multi year partnership, it’s really remarkable to see how far our sales community has evolved in 2 ½ short years and I am convinced that this transition would not have happened had I pursued another vendor or a strategy of sales training one-offs. When the goal is to not only increase productivity but facilitate a much broader cultural shift, any potential third party solution must assume a high level of trust and customization, which can only happen over time. It’s been my experience that without this as the foundation it becomes next to impossible to hardwire the learning. Two years ago you sold me on the power of the partnership and the results of our partnership speak for themselves. Higher retention rates versus the industry average, improved territory productivity, a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores and a sales team that is firmly routed in a customer-centric culture.

As I’ve said before, you know you’ve hit the mark when the client views you more as an integral part of the team versus the consulting solution du jour.

Keep pushing the multi-year model, it works! And I firmly believe that it represents Optimé’s key point of differentiation versus the competitive set. 

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for helping us define a “true Vincor way to sell”.

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