Telus Testimonial

 The purpose of this letter is to thank you and your team for the outstanding support provided through the Soft-tech professional relationship skill development program. Soft-tech has greatly contributed to our team’s achievement of an industry leading level of call resolution on first contact and our highest-ever customer service ratings.

By way of background, the TELUS Enterprise Solutions Customer Contact Center has maintained a leadership position in providing excellent help desk services. Over the past year, our help desk analysts and managers participated in Soft-tech training. We found the program to be highly customized to our requirements and the delivery to be very focused on long-term results.

As well as providing excellent customer service, the Customer Service Center team now has skills they will use at home and with each other. This results in happier, more productive employees. The help desk industry is very stressful, average staff turnover is a year to eighteen months. Soft-tech training has given our team the ability to turn every customer interaction into a positive experience. One of the many benefits is a less than 5% staff turnover. We estimate the cost to train a new employee to a level where we believe they can start to take calls is fifty thousand dollars. The ‘cost benefits’ of this program are substantial. We only have to retain two employees to get our return on investment.

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