The Pepsi Bottling Group

 Thank you and your organization for the recent work that you did with the Toronto Market Unit in providing P.E.P.S.I. training to all our KAMs, PCRs, and NBSRs.

I was particularly pleased with your ability to work closely with our management team to ensure program integrity with customization. Through working with our management team in advance, you ensured the integrity of the program while understanding the unique nature of the needs within the Toronto Market Unit. Specifically, the additions of "Playing Catch" (a prospecting format for our restaurant group) and the streamlining of the presentation format to meet the needs of a sales representative who makes 10 calls per day, enhanced our existing program.

Finally, thank you for providing a 'real-life' perspective through your knowledge of the industry and further by having the work and role plays be specific to actual presentations that our group will be making.

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