iCOM Testimonial

This is a quick note to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your contributions to our journey to ‘get inside our customers heads’ and become ‘great orchestra leaders.’ 

Once again you reminded me how important it is to get the culture ‘right’, not just the content. What do I mean? Well, the solution-selling model is truly outstanding content (and a person could likely spend an entire career investigating and mastering the important nuances of each step in the process)! However, what enabled the learning to really start to ‘stick’ was NOT just the elegance and logic of the content, but the environment that it was learned in. 

Your team created a great environment for our Sales team. You brought tremendous insight, energy, and enthusiasm to your work – and people appreciate that. Also, you showed genuine caring for the teams and the individuals’ learning – and people really appreciated that. 

The culture at Optimé is one that creates great facilitators like each of you. You’re inspiring role models for our team. Strong content, partnered with you as genuine, energizing role models, enabled your workshop to create real growth at ICOM in the 3 areas you’re striving for: our company, our business and for individuals.

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