our process: 
How we deliver

To consistently exceed our clients’ expectations Optimé follows a 4 step process that includes a thorough Diagnostic that sets the landscape for the Design and Delivery of learning and growth programs, whose success will be Determined in collaboration with our client.


Optimé follows a proprietary review process which enables our team and the clients leaders to fully understand the current situation, needs, opportunities and constraints. 
The Diagnostic enables sets the stage for Optimé’s designers to create a learning program that is focused on our client’s specific needs and through this focus moves their sales efforts to the next level of capability.


Optimé utilizes a proven model that leverages our understanding of our client’s situation from the diagnostic and engages our clients and other key stakeholders in the development of the design.  We work collaboratively to ensure management agreement and commitment to recommendations.


Optimé is committed to excellence in the delivery of sales training programs. Our aim is to maximize the impact of our clients’ investment by taking a holistic view of delivery. Our deep experience enables us to consider all of the elements which contribute to an outstanding learning experience and ensure that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellence. A key step in this is to firmly ground our facilitators in the client’s situation, business objectives and how training is going to help achieve those objectives.


Optimé works closely with our clients to determine how to measure success by establishing mutually agreed upon key performance indicators.  These KPI’s should be directly linked to business objectives to maximize impact.  These measures are revisited to ensure the needed impact is taking place.