About Optimé

Founded in 1994, Optimé is a leading North American sales training and development provider that helps sales professionals, sales managers and sales leaders maximize their results. The company’s team of senior facilitators, coaches and consultants consistently achieve sustainable results with leading Fortune 500 companies, including Procter & Gamble, TD Canada Trust, AT&T, Finning/CAT, and PepsiCo. 

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Our Core Competencies

Sales Onboarding – we work with our clients to ensure that new sales and customer service hires have the knowledge, skills, and fundamental sales behaviors to become successful long term contributors.  Key Optimé deliverables include:

  • Building strong fundamental selling skills for new hires 
  • Measuring the impact of training on speed to productivity and new employee retention

Account Manager Development– we work with clients to assess the sales skills of their account management team(s) and provide customized training solutions, which can include:

  • Diagnosing, defining and designing a progressive account manager development sales training program
  • Building customer-focused general management fundamentals
  • Best practices for driving sustainable growth with customers

Sales Coaching and Leadership – we work with our client's management team(s) to help them develop a world-class, top-performing corporate sales culture.  To accomplish this we help our clients:

  • Build effective sales and coaching capabilities throughout their management teams, focusing on sustainability and maximizing return on investment

Enterprise-wide Sales Development – we work with our client's to help them create an culture sales excellence throughout their entire organization.  We work with our enterprise clients on:

  • Progressive multi-phase functional sales development
  • Drive industry leading customer satisfaction ratings and business results

Key Differentiators

GameDay™ Proprietary Training Approach – we pioneered the use of competition as a catalyst for higher engagement, learning and application of sales training. 

Progressive Development – we partner with you to grow and develop your people over a progressive development path that leads to Tier One performance. 

Highly Customized – Optimé’s sales development solutions start from where you are today, and are tailored to your needs to get you where you want to go. 

Rigorous Engagement Methodology – we follow a 4D process that includes a Diagnostic that sets the landscape for the Design and Delivery of sales development programs, and whose success is Determined together with you. 

Highly Collaborative – we value your management team and recognize the key role of your leaders and sales managers in driving sustainability and ROI. 

Highly Skilled Practitioners – we bring a set of skills and in-depth operational experience that sets us apart from other firms. 

Clear Measures – we work with you to develop a unique scorecard based on your key business deliverables. 

Focus on Sustainability – these elements ensure we bring sustainable performance improvements to your organization.